Here are the start list for relay.

Categories MW21E and MW20 start at 10:00, categories MW18 and MW16 at 10:10, categories mix35, mix45 and mix 55 at 10:30.

Start for Zagreb Open (individual) begins at 11:30 according to the start list.

First day of SEE(M)OC & Zagreb Open 2021 is over and we coutinuosly publish results and links to various galleries – they can be seen on our Results and Galleries page.

During the races you can check your results on OrienteeringOnline where the data will be periodically refreshed.

Start lists for the first four stages are published on the OrienteeringOnline web site.

Start list for the fifth stage will be drawn when the final list of competitors who will run middle at stage five will be available, i.e. when we receive all lists for SEEOC and SEEMOC relay teams. It will be published before the first start of stage four.

Bulletin 2 is out. You can read all relevant information in the Bulletin 2 and keep an eye also on our web page and Facebook page for additional information.

course lengths

Course lengths for all classes and days are published in the attached document.

A small opening Ceremony of SEEOC / SEEMOC / Zagreb Open will be just near the finish area of stage 1 on August 25th. We expect you to take part in this event in your National team outfit.

Opening Ceremony will start at 16:30. More details will be available in Bulletin 2 which will be published this Sunday in the evening.

So here we are. Last day for entries is here. In 20 days we will be together on the 1st stage in the hart of Croatian capitol Zagreb.

At the moment we are at 510 entries from about 20 countries and more than different 60 clubs and national teams.

Do not forget to check your entry, accommodation and order for catering. Of course if you want your competition t-shirt or O-top you should also make your order.

See you soon!

Here we go! We are very close to final dates for your entries. Competitors on 21st Zagreb Open will have 10 days more until August 5th, and competitors on SEEOC & SEEMOC have only 6 days more to submit the final entry and team compositions.

Please do not forget about accommodation and food reservations. Fill in the google forms.

Also do not forget to make your payment in order to make your entry valid.

With over 430 entries at the moment we are very happy to provide you a good competition but we need you also to be on time with deadlines.

Next ten days you will have opportunity to pre-order your competition t-shirt.

You will have to place your order and make your payments until August 5th. in order to get your t-shirt on the competition.

We will have few options, so you can choose what you want. Basic cotton t-shirt will have popular price of 60kn (about 8€) and O-top shirt with high quality fabric will have price of 180kn.

Please visit the web page for more details.

You can place your order here.

We are heading towards 400 official entries although unofficially we have some preliminary entries which gives as total of almost 450 runners on competition. Thank you.

In eight days we have second entry deadline so make your entry for lower entry fee and do not forget to book accommodation through our forms.

Good news. European center for deasese prevention and control issued a new map of COVID-19 cases and the whole Croatia is green. We hope that will help you even more to make your decision for traveling to our Event.

Do not forget to make your entry with lower entry fee prices. On Sunday June 27th we have a last day of early entry fee so that is a good opportunity to make your entry here.

At the moment we have 14 countries confirmed and few more on preliminary entry with all together about 300 competitors. Hopefully we will see you in even larger numbers.