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Photo galleries:

  • Stage 1 – Križevci, sprint – gallery 1
  • Stage 2 – Kalnik,  forest sprint – gallery 2
  • Stage 3 – Kalnik, long distance – gallery 3
  • Stage 4 – Kalnik, middle distance – gallery 4
Important information:

Start lists:

Combine your spring holidays with orienteering and visiting Croatia. During the Event take opportunity to explore Croatia. Visit town Križevci, village Kalnik or therme Varaždinske toplice. Zagreb capital with surroundings is just 50 minutes of driving or visit town Varaždin which is also about 45 minutes away.






30.05.2024. – 02. 06. 2024

Mjesto održavanja:

town Križevci – Grad Križevci (46.022034, 16.546876) and mountain Kalnik i planina Kalnik (46.134382, 16.462267), Croatia – Hrvatska

Event type

Vrsta natjecanja

4 day event / Četverodnevno natjecanje

Results of stage 1,3 and 4 sum up for final classification. Stage 2 will have separate victory ceremony. / Croatian competitors will have a separate winning ceremony for Croatian Championships in sprint

Rezultati 1,3 i 4 dana zbrajaju se za ukupni plasman. Drugi dan će imati zasebno proglašenje. Prvi dan će se posebno proglasiti prvenstvo Hrvatske u sprintu za registrirane natjecatelje HOS-a



Training days – from May 25th to 29th you can get maps for trainings in Zagreb upon request –

Day 0 (29.05.) – competition center in Zagreb opens  in the evening (address Ribnjak 2, Zagreb). If you intend to come please contact us on time so you can pick up your number bibs

Day 1 (30.05.) – 14:00 – Križevci – new terrain – sprint distance (Croatian sprint Championships) – prvenstvo Hrvatske u sprintu, sprint kup Hrvatske
Day 2 (31.05.) – 15:00 – Kalnik – forest sprint, šumski sprint
Day 3 (01.06.) – 11:00 – Kalnik – long distance, WRE, Croatian cup Event – duge staze, kup Hrvastke br.5
Day 4 (02.06.) – 10:00 – Kalnik – middle distance – srednje staze

First start:

Prvi start:

Day 1: 14:00
Day 2
: 15:00
Day 3: 11:00
Day 4: 10:00


M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21B, M21E, M35, M45, M55, M65, M70
W12, W14, W16, W18, W20, W21B, W21E, W35, W45, W55, W65, W70
Open classes (free start, allowed to get shadowed and no age):

  • Open long: difficult long (similar to M35) – Open dugačka – slična ili ista kao M35
  • Open short: medium (similar to M14). – OPEN kratka – slična ili ista M14
  • Hrvatskim natjecateljima računaju se kategorije koje su u kupu Hrvatske za plasman u kupu. OStale kategorije su neslužbene. Natjecatelji Ž i M21A kategorije nastupaju u Ž i M21E i te kategorije se računaju za kup Hrvatske i prvenstvo
Map samples:

Primjeri karata:

New map never used for orienteering

Nova karta koje se nije do sada koristila za natjecanja

Stage 1 – Prvi dan Stage 2, 3, 4 – utrke 2-4 dan


1:4000,1:7500; 1:10000, mapped or revised 2023-2024 (potpuno nova reambulacija svih karata)


SPORTident SIAC willl be activated / beskontaktno perforiranje će biti uključeno


From October 2023 at OrienteeringOnline

OPREZ! – Zbog višednevnog natjecanja i starta prve utrke u četvrtak te tiskanja brojeva i karata rok za prijave za HR natjecatelje je 10 dana prije natjecanja

Start fees
(all in EUR):


until 31. 12. 2023 until 1. 2. 2024 until 20. 4.  2024 until 19. 5. 2024
All stages One stage All stages One stage All stages One stage All stages One stage
MW10 – MW16 40 10 40 10 40 10 48 12
MW18 – MW70
Open long & short
60 15 64 16 68 18 75 20

Info for Croatian competitors: Startnine za registrirane članove HOS-a do 19.05. su sukladne sa propisanim startninama za Kup Hrvatske 2024 i vrijede do navedenog datuma. Nakon tog datuma primijenjuju se startnine iz poziva.

Banking details:


IBAN: HR6524840081101296342
Bank: Raiffeisen

BankRecipient: Orijentacijski klub Vihor
Ribnjak 2
10 000 Zagreb

We do not accept Revolut payment as the banking fee on those payments are very high!



Paid entries cancelled by May 1st will get 60% refund.
Entries cancelled between May 2nd May 10th will get 30% refund.
In the case of complete or partial cancellation of the Event to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to retain part of the entry fees (banking fees).


Zagreb – capital of Croatia is only 60 minutes of driving from Kalnik mountain and about 45 from town Križevci so  accommodation in Zagreb is available here (around Zagreb we have many orienteering maps so training possibilities before and after the Event are  available around Zagreb):

Križevci – only 20min from Kalnik – Accommodation

Kalnik – has only some small number of available beds (please look at if available) but there is a possibility to put out the tent on the meadow near mountain hut Kalnik (it is not flat) for some small fee (5€/night). Toilet and spring water will be available and you can eat on mountain hut if you want or you can drive to town Križevci for some extra food). Camping will be available after the race on Thursday evening until Sunday.

Accommodation Varaždinske toplice:

Križevci – only 20 min from Kalnik – Accommodation

Tourism: Zagreb attractions

Zagreb and surroundings

Adriatic coast is very near and in about 1.30h you can reach the coast for holidays, swimming., tourism and relaxing after or before the Event.

Officail T-shirt

Službena majica

We made our event T-shirt for those who wish to take something from the Event except great memories from the forest. We decided to go with a “retro” design since all of the races will be held in historically significant surroundings – old town of Križevci and old legendary Kalnik castle to pay respect to all the ones that were orienteering there centuries before us.

T-shirt is warm sandy color which fit women and men, young and those in best age for orienteering 🙂 and it is wearable in our “ordinary” lives.  It is made of cotton  fabric (190g) with a quality digital print.

You can order it with filling this form and buy it with the payment of 15€ on our account until May 20th. Please fill in your name on bank transaction. Account no. – IBAN HR6524840081101296342 (same as for the entry fee)

Plan your orienteering holidays in 2024. and prepare yourself for major Events.