Dear orienteering friends,
at the moment situation around Europe is not good and there are different situations but most common are some kind of quarantines. Schools are not working and there are restrictions on traveling within the cities.
Of course that makes a lot of problems to organizers (us) as we can not finish field work and all arrangements we did up to now.
Although the situation is still hard we are hoping in some changes in next few weeks. We will see what will happen and than make the decision about SEEOC.
For sure we will not cancel it. Option is to postpone it to next year but problem are the dates as at the end of August 2021 IOF has some plans for major Events (EOC).
We are not sure that Federations would like to have competition this Autumn when school starts.
Due to accommodation problems in student dormitory we can probably not secure it in September as student dorms in Croatia are full at that time and this year we also have big problems due to heavy earthquake in Zagreb which made a lot of damage in the city center and many people are at the moment accommodated in the dorms .
So to resume. We will wait for some time and than make final decision.
If it will be postponed that the most likely scenario is SEEOC 2021 in Zagreb in middle of August and SEEOC 2022 in Romania in the agreement with Romanian Federation.
If you  have any other proposals please do send it.
In the mean time please fill in this questionnaire so we can get better picture about everyone’s thinking and possible solutions