Our traditional Event ” 24th Zagreb Open” will next year be held 60km north east of Zagreb. Town Križevci will host a sprint event on the first day and other stages will be on mountain Kalnik. You can expect nice and tricky terrains. Long distance will also be a World Ranking Event – WRE and Croatian Cup Event.

Famous 2Cellos made a great video which can show you the beauty of the old town on mountain Kalnik (turn on your sound while watching the video). Can you see yourself running here?

Make your entry here or find more about the Event here


Dear orienteering friends


Our club now for decades welcomes many orienteering friends from around the globe. With special pride we can say that we became an International club. Colors of our club have been represented by the runners from Great Britain, Spain, Slovakia, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine…

If the road (or air) brings you to Croatia you are more than welcome to join us in some orienteering adventures. Just contact us for details if you need some additional information (vihor (at)vihor.hr ).