While we are still puting some photos and video online we have to say Thank you to the big team behind the camera: Tomislav Mikić, Karlo Gobec, Branka Dimić, Viktor Pavić, Ivan Bublić, Mirka Jašić, Mario Žužić and Vlatka Stupalo who is doing the editing job. For the first time we used also dron for some areal video shooting.  Pictures and videos are nice so take your time to see them all 😍 Thank you everybody.

You can see all galleries bellow:

Karlo Gobec – FB album Blato  (1st stage)  – photo gallery

Viktor Pavić – FB album Blato (1st stage) – photo gallery

Tomislav Mikić – FB album Blato i  Jarun  (1st & 2nd stage) – photo gallery

Mirka Jakšić – FB album Blato i  Jarun (1st & 2nd stage) – galerija fotografija -stiže uskoro

Karlo Gobec – FB album Jarun (2nd stage) – photo gallery

Viktor Pavić – FB album Jarun  (2nd stage) – photo gallery

Karlo Gobec – FB album Zagreb City Race (3rd stage) – photo gallery

Mirka Jakšić – FB album Zagreb centre (3rd stage) – photo gallery

Ana-Marija Pavić – FB album Zagreb, Trg Svetog Marka (3rd stage) –photo gallery

Viktor Pavić – FB album Zagreb  (3rd stage) – photo gallery 

Tomislav Mikić -FB album Zagreb (3rd stage) – photo gallery

Branka Dimić – FB album Zagreb  (3rd stage) – photo gallery – coming soon

Ivana Gobec – FB album (1st & 2nd &3rd stage) -photo gallery – coming soon

Damir Gobec – FB album (training + 1st & 2nd &3rd stage) – photo gallery

Ivan Bublić – FB album  (1st & 2nd &3rd stage) – photo gallery



Mario Žužić – Blato video 

Mario Žužić – Blato video

Mario Žužić – Jarun video

Mario Žužić – Jarun video

Mario Žužić – Jarun video

Mario Žužić – Jarun video

Ana Marija Pavić – Zagreb – historical army guard, Zagreb Upper town video

Mario Žužić – Jarun video

Ivana Gobec – live from Upper town video

Damir Gobec – live from finish and Bana Jelačić square video

Damir Gobec – live from  start at park Ribnjak video

Damir Gobec – live on the way to Upper town video

Damir Gobec – live from  Upper town video

Results 1st & 2nd race “19 th Zagreb open event” – here

Split times 1st & 2nd race “19 th Zagreb open event” – here

Results 3rd race – here

Split times 3rd race – here

Start lists

Stage 1 & 2 – start lists

Stage 3 – start list

Final course summary, distances to the start and some technical info

Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 is available for download BULLETIN no2

If you are interested in some small snack (sausage, hot dog bread, mustard, ketchup, fried onion) on Saturday in Jarun Event centre (stage 2) it will be available on pre-order untill Thursday September 19th untill 22:00h). Price will be 3 euro. You will get a coupon when you pick up your entry. Pre order can be done via e-mail: vihor@vihor.hr

Bulletin 1 has been published on our web page so you can download it there or just click on this link with Bulletin –

Preliminary course lenght with climbing and number of control points you can see in  Course Summary

The iconic buildings of the cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia in an early autumn morning

Make a difference in  community and help people worldwide. We will need volunteers. We can not offer much but if you want to be a part of organizers team doing a great job for all participants on Euro City Race join us. Unfortunately we can NOT cover your costs of traveling to Croatia and costs of accommodation but we can offer transport during the Championships on all Events, lunch and a T-shirt.

If you are willing to join us contact us via e-mail: vihor@vihor.hr