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Explore Zagreb’s Attractions. From both traditional, sacred and religious sites, to unusual and unique parks, art galleries, and museums.

Zagreb has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest. In fact, mostly all of them are within walking distance!

With its 900 years rich history dating from the Roman times, you have a lot to see in Zagreb.

You may love Zagreb for its sights, but it is also thriving with delicious gastronomy. Some of Zagreb’s most popular local spots are not included in the top tourist spots. The city itself creates unforgettable moments in unexpected places.

During warm days, cafes set up terrace’s seating all over the city. Zagreb nourishes it’s coffee culture and days sometimes almost feel like a nightly street party.

You must find what interests you by yourself.

TOP 15 attractions

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We want to help! Explore links above to customize your perfect Zagreb vacation with attractions, sights, and museums sorted by categories. Or simply have a look at all Zagreb Attractions or take a fast sightseeing during one of the stages which will be in the hart of the city. Take a look what you can expect during orienteering here 

The iconic buildings of the cathedral in Zagreb, Croatia in an early autumn morning