We will publish here catering possibilities during competition days so stay tuned for more info:

Day 1 – 22.07. – Sesvete

There will be no special catering at the finish area but there is Kaufland supermarket just few hundred meters from the finish so you can buy what ever you want there. If you want some good pizza or something from the grill you can visit Pizza lace just near

Day 2 – 21.07. – Sesvetski Kraljevec

On the second stage at Pivnica Kraljevec you will have oportunity to eat domestic food at nice enviroment. After the race you are more than welcome to eat and drink here. Restaurant is directly in the finish area.

Day 3 – Vukšin Šipak / Jasrebarsko

Local municipality from Vukšin Šipak is a great host. With sweets and local food they always gave us warm welcome so expect one great day in Vukšin Šipak. If you are interested in a hot-dog please inform us so we can tell how many they should prepare for all of us. Let us know on our e-mail: vihor@vihor.hr

Day 4 – Zagreb – Tuškanac

As we are in the close vicinity of the center of the town you can choose from variety of restaurants, fast food or any street food. We will not provide any catering at the finish area.