There will be some catering provided by the organizers but only through pre-ordering. Pre-ordered warm cooked meals will be provided for lunch in the Competition Arenas of all  stages.

Stage 1, 3, 4, 5 (for stage 2 we will have different offer)

MENU 55,00 Kn per person (approximately 7€)

Menu 01.

Grilled chicken fillet with pasta and salsa sauce


Biscuit with cherry

Orange juice


Menu 02.

Pork chops in mushroom sauce with croquettes


Apple strudel

Orange juice


Menu 03.

Fried hake fillet (fish) with potatoes and Swiss chard

Tartar sauce

Choco biscuit

Orange juice


Menu 04. (vegetarian)

Vegetable risotto with cheese


Pancake with jam

Orange juice


Pre-order of meals (independent from Entries) will be necessary, via google-form together with accommodation. Tickets for meals will be given to the teams at their registration on arrival. Additional tickets will not be sold on competitions. So, please, think in advance and pre-order meals.

Ordering form


Food is generally very good quality and affordable prices in Zagreb and Karlovac.



The variety of food is available at markets, shopping malls and small restaurants in Zagreb and Karlovac.

But, on last 2 days in Krašić forest, there are no facilities, bars and restaurants, at all. The vehicles will be parked far away. So, you have to think about pre-ordering a meal, and/or bringing your own supplies.